RAHVUSVAHELINE: USA-s on tasustatud puhkuste kehtestamine tõusujoones

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USA-s on tasustatud puhkuste kehtestamine tõusujoones
New Yorgi osariik kehtestas tasustatud perehoolduspuhkuse ja mitmed linnad haiguspuhkuse. Vaata lähemalt...


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Dear EAPM members,

we have the pleasure to inform you about the outcome of the EAPM Board elections at the EAPM Delegates Assembly in Paris. All newly elected Board members will take up their function on 1st January 2018.

The Delegates Assembly elected Lucas van Wees from the Dutch HR association NVP as new EAPM President and Bob Morton from CIPD UK as Vice-President for a three-years-term. Additionally, Dana Cavaleru from the Romanian HR Club and Raffaele Credidio from the Italian association AIDP were elected as Board members. For more details, please have a look at the EAPM website including a picture, which shows the handover of Presidency from Bob to Lucas. Vaata lähemalt...

RAHVUSVAHELINE: The changing role of HR

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We have the pleasure to share with you the December edition of our EAPM Newsletter focusing on “The changing role of HR” and some information and insights of the EAPM Congress in Paris. Enjoy reading!

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RAHVUSVAHELINE: Employer Branding Master Class with Simon Barrow

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On 4th November 2016 in Sofia will be held Employer Branding Master Class with Simon Barrow - also known as “the father of the Employer Brand concept”. You can find more info about the upcoming event online here Vaata lähemalt...

RAHVUSVAHELINE: Thought Leadership Forum “360 Connect" on the 27th of October in Riga

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Thought Leadership Forum “360 Connect", addressing popular topics of current work market in Baltics, will take place in Riga on the 27th of October in Riga. See more information here Vaata lähemalt...

RAHVUSVAHELINE: konverentsile Budapesti

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Technology is transforming how people work, it will fundamentally change HR as we know it.
Get hot & brand new digital insights from the best minds of today & tomorrow, on all that affects HR in 2016 and beyond.
Visionary talks & interactive workshops.

This is EHR2016 - 21.-22.09.2016 in Budapest.

See the best and the latest, learn the secrets of the most innovative experts.
Request your agenda via inquiry@ogieurope.com (be sure to write ’PARE’ to access your special discounted ticket) or visit our website for further details. Vaata lähemalt...

VÄLISUUDISED: uudiseid Euroopa HR maastikult

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Hea PARE liige,

Seekord toome Sinuni valiku välisuudiseid ning EAPMi (European Association for People Management) põnevate artiklitega uudiskirja.

Rõõm on teatada uuest liikmest, nüüdsest on ka Islandi HR organisatsioon Flora EAPM liige.
Florast ja personalitööst Islandil saad rohkem infot SIIT, nende kodulehe aadress selline: http://www.mannaudsstjorar.is/.





Bob Morton (EAPM president, kes esines ka meie viimasel konverentsil), ütleb järgmist:


Dear colleagues,

As you can imagine the UK is in turmoil at the moment with the news of the dramatic vote to leave the European Union. I personally am very disappointed the vote has gone if favour of the Leave campaign. The consequences for Europe will be far reaching, especially for future generations. I’m sure your members who are responsible for employees in the UK will have many questions. There will be impact on many areas of work and I’d like to share with you a note below to CIPD’s members from Peter Cheese. This has some useful links on how CIPD intends to help give guidance and information to the HR profession to help cope with the changes in the labour market and movement of workers across borders that will undoubtedly come as the negotiations take place on the exit. EAPM will continue to share updates on the impact of Brexit on HR matters as the negotiations progress. CIPD is committed to building positive international relations and will continue to do so. The vote will not change our commitment to EAPM.

Peter Cheese, CIPD Chief Executive, mõtteid saate lugeda SIIT.



EAPM uudiskiri JUUNI 2016 kirjutab muuhulgas ka teemdel:

- DFID discusses the future role of HR professionals in creating better working lives
- The EAPM Survey shows best practices of national HR associations
- Europe’s stubborn gender pay gap – will it ever close?
- The role of HR in ensuring adaptability and the connection to blended learning
- What is IMPORTANT for engaging people?
- If the future of work is human, the questions we should be asking are...
- NEEM meeting in Tallinn

Toredat lugemist!
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RAHVUSVAHELINE esseekonkurss HR tudengitele

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HR tudengitele
(Entries must be the original work of students currently enrolled at accredited colleges and universities in 2016, in either undergraduate or graduate - level HR,  HR-related, or HR business degree courses or programs (HR management, training and development, labor relations, industrial psychology, organizational development, employment law, or MBA programs which contain HR coursework)

informatsioon Inimeste Juhtimise Maailama Föderatsiooni - The World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA), poolt korraldataval esseekonkursil osalemise võimalusest.

Employment & Workforce in 2056
What Will HRM Be Like 40 Years in the Future?

WFPMA 40th Anniversary Essay Contest Rules

The World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA), in celebration of its 40th anniversary in 2016, is committed to educating the public and our profession on the future challenges of human resource management (HRM). The WFPMA Essay Contest is intended to further that commitment, by encouraging current students of HR to consider what the future of employment and the workforce will look like, the challenges that HRM will face globally in the future, and how human resource professionals will resolve those challenges. One  student contribution will be selected by each continental region with in the WFPMA and recognized as a winner and a prize will be awarded for each region.

Additionally, three honorable mentions will be selected per region. Their work may be  published!

Konkursil osalemiseks tuleb essee saata hiljemalt 28. aprilliks 2016 aadressile pare@pare.ee.

Konkursi reeglid lisatud kirjas.         
Meie saadame konkursile laekunud esseed edasi konkursi korraldajatele.

PARE Vaata lähemalt...

RAHVUSVAHELINE: Pakkumine PARE liikmetele

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Bulgaaria personalijuhtide ühing (Bulgarian Association for People Management) kutsub PARE liikmeid konverentsile, mis toimub 13. november 2015 Sofias ning kannab nime "People Management Strategies and Practises from Central and Eastern Europe". Üks PARE liige saab konverentsil osaleda tasuta, ülejäänutele kehtib soodustus -10%. Vaata lähemalt...

RAHVUSVAHELINE (uuendatud): Põnevaid valdkonna üritusi väljaspool Eestit!

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PARE-l on hea meel jagada infot põnevate personalijuhtimise ürituste kohta väljaspool Eestit.

15.-17. september 2015 Kölnis, Saksamaal toimuvast HRM Expo'st on viiel PARE liikmel võimalik osa võtta tasuta. Vaata lähemalt...