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Kuupäev: 15.02.2018

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Dear HR manager or Training manager!

At the moment, together with our cooperation partners, we are doing a unique research regarding people development questions in Baltic organisations.

Without a doubt, the importance of people development is increasing in organisations, but still, it is the Human Resource management function that has the most unclear guidelines and has wide differences across organisations in Baltics. There are various interesting international researches, however there are very few comprehensive researches regarding Human Resource management approaches in Baltic countries.

That is why we, organisational development consultancy company “ BLEND consulting” and psychology and KBT centre “Intellego” are carrying out a research with the goal to explore the people development practice organisations in Baltics, getting to know not only the real approach of choosing learning solutions in organisations, but also managers attitude towards people development questions.

If you, too, are interested in exploring organisation learning function in Baltic organisations, we invite you to participate in the research! We promise to share the research results.

In the quantitative part of the research we ask you fill in this survey on Learning solutions in Baltic companies:  https://goo.gl/forms/ao1wgfZVFe6dxYI23
(we ask to fill out this survey only for those specialists, who are responsible for staff development in organisations (Heads of Human Resources, managers of learning centres etc.))

As well as ask your managers to fill in 5 minutes Managers’ survey regarding learning solutionshttps://goo.gl/forms/4Y6b1pR1trxg6YGr2.

The research will include a qualitative part, as well, with a goal to determine, how manager’s views influence the practice used in the organisations. I hope that you will respond to our request to meet and talk about the themes included in the research.

More information about survey you can find: http://blendconsulting.lv/research

If both surveys – “Learning solutions in Baltic organisations” and “Managers’ survey regarding learning solutions” – are done from one organisation, then the organisation is participating in the lottery for the possibility to gain access to 10 free e-courses from INTEA ready-made e-learning supply (e-learning theme choice is coordinated with each organisation’s needs - see info in www.managementabc.lv).

We invite you to fill in this survey until 15th March of 2018! It will only take up to 10 minutes of your time!

Currently we have data on key organisations in Latvia and we hope that our colleagues in Lithuania and Estonia will join this survey with same enthusiasm. As we do not have direct access to your other HR colleagues, please share this information also to your personal HR network.


Best regards,
Maija Dobele
Organisational Development consultant
www.BLENDConsulting.lv/ www.managementabc.lv
phone: +37129257429, e-mail: maija@moon.lv