Achim Fritzsche (Saksamaa) praktiline töötuba 'Cultural Diversity in Teams and Organisations'

Toimumise aeg: 15. February 2013 at 10.00
Toimumise koht: Tallinn
Kategooria: Tallinn

Achim Fritzsche (Saksamaa) praktiline töötuba 'Cultural Diversity in Teams and Organisations' annab teadmised ja oskused mitmekultuursetes meeskondades toimetulekuks.

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'Cultural Diversity in Teams and Organisations'

Target group:
Managers, team leaders, HR managers and specialists, trainers, counsellors, coaches, supervisors and other professionals working in/with multicultural teams and organisations

Date and Time:
15 Febr 2013, 10.00 - 17.00
16 Febr 2013, 10.00 - 16.00


At the practical workshop you will learn and practice:

- glocal (global + local) dialogue;
- how to manage conflicts in diverse teams;
- how to avoid traps in intercultural job relations.

You will experience practical tools that are beneficial in diverse teams and organisations, including:

- fish is fish
- creating the third culture
- 4 ears in a multicultural context
- some creative approaches
The workshop is process-oriented and deals with issues raised by participants.

Workshop fee:
ESCÜ members - 219 EUR registration until 31 Jan 2013
Others - 249 EUR registration until 31 Jan 2013
269 EUR registration after 31 Jan 2013

Registration and further information:
isci@isci.ee or www.isci.ee
+ 372 51 62 771 Kaidi Peets

Achim Fritzsche

Achim Fritzsche is an organizational development consultant, supervisor DGSv, coach and family therapist in Germany. He has worked several years in leadership as a guidance counsellor, has been a board member and leader of a council center. He has been the leading trainer of intercultural supervision/coaching education program in the Baltics since 1993.

Achim Fritzsche has work experience from Germany, Zimbabwe, Estonia, Latvia and Norway. He has worked in University of Stavanger and has been a staff member of WILL (World Institute of Living Learning).
He has worked with many multicultural teams and works in close partnership with colleagues from Germany, the Baltics, France, the USA, Israel, South Africa and Argentina.

Achim's priorities:

• developing the culture of appreciation in organizations
• change management for employees and leadership
• supervising and coaching teams, individuals, organizations