HR Norge Workshop: Strategic Talent Management

Toimumise aeg: 14. March 2012 at 09.00
Kategooria: Tallinn

This two-day workshop provides line and staff managers, and HR executives and senior specialists, with an overview of best practice and new thinking in talent management. Participants will gain practical skills, tools and best practices, learn planning and diagnostic concepts, to improve strategic talent management in their organizations, build knowledge in how to strategically assess gaps and limitations in talent management processes, will identify practical actions needed to significantly improve their talent management systems, and will be helped to develop strategies for retaining and improving talent during challenging economic periods such as the current downturn. Participants will receive a copy of HR Transformation by Dave Ulrich, Jon Younger and their colleagues.


Day 1

08:30    Registration and coffee
09:00    Introductory case and group discussion

  • Overview of the newest global HR competency research (HRCS) by RBL the University of Michigan, and its global partners e.g., HR Norway: HR from the Outside-In
  • Strategic talent management: research from the newest global study of “top companies for leaders” (Fortune, Hewitt, RBL)
  • Overview of best practice: Career stages of high performance
  • Application workshop

12:00    Lunch
13:00    Establishing a powerful leadership brand

  • Aligning talent management and organizational capability
  • Building a strong leadership pipeline: 6 B’s of talent
  • Application workshop

16:30    Summary and close of day one

Day 2

09:00    Review and preview

  • Creating committed and engaged teams and individuals: VOI2C2E
  • Application workshop
  • The individual perspective on commitment: Career orientations

12:00    Lunch
13:00    Case: troubleshooting talent management systems

  • Making the most of challenging economic times: retaining and upgrading talent
  • Identifying and eliminating organizational viruses that inhibit success
  • Planning for change: “Pilot’s Checklist”

16:00    Summary and close

Where: Høyres Hus, Stortingsgata 20, Oslo
Deadline for registration:
March 1
Additional informatsion: Hege.Kilde@hrnorge.no