Northern European Exchange Meeting

Toimumise aeg: 15. April 2010 at 11.00
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NEEM 2010
Northern European Exchange Meeting
15th & 16th April 2010
Noordwijk, The Netherlands

What CEOs want from HR, especially in times of crisis and beyond.

Dave Ulrich, in his book HR Transformation, urged HR organisations to transform their attitude from "inside out" to "outside in". The main question for HR should be "What should I as HR manager do to achieve my organisation's goals".

The theme for NEEM 2010 is "Outside In, where is HR on this in 2010?"

• What are the expectations CEOs have of the HR function and HR professionals now we are on the brink of economic recovery?
• How is HR responding to these expectations and challenges?
• What is it line management appreciates and what would they like to see more or less of.
• Do we understand each other or are we coming from totally different directions?

CEOs of four world-class companies that have made innovation, performance, people and social responsibility some of their key concerns will be sharing their views regarding the HR contribution and to what extend the HR Function does fulfill these expectations. Their HR Directors will elaborate further on specific HR issues in their organisations and how they have tackled those.

The format of each one hour session on the first day of the conference is to have the CEO present briefly on his organisation in the context of a rapidly changing world and the expected contribution from the HR function, where the HR Director will further illustrate how these expectations are being translated into actual practice in an interactive exchange of views with the audience.
Sharing ideas in a high-caliber HR context, these session and further discussions on day 2 are aimed at highlighting world-class organizations that found their way to meet the challenges inherent in day-to-day innovation and to see how we can learn from that.


Thursday 15th April 2010 - Outside In, where is HR on this in 2010?

Are CEOs and Line Managers from Mars and HR managers from Venus?

Anyway, we in HR sometimes feel to be coming from another planet. No better place to start a conference like this than in the European Space Agency where we also have a chance to learn some of the latest high tech developments that will someway influence our future including our work relations, no doubt!

11.00 Enrolments at ESTEC SPACE EXPO - Noordwijk - about 30 km from Schiphol Airport (www.spaceexpo.nl)
11.30 Lunch - Dutch style
12.30 Welcome by Frans Bruinzeel, president International Chapter NVP
12.45 Dutch input to the theme "Senior management- HR"
13.45 Finland's input "Senior management - HR"
14.45 Coffee break
15.15 Germany's input "Senior management - HR"
16.15 Denmark's input "Senior management - HR"
17.15 Space EXPO - Guided tour ending with the spectacular launch of the Ariane
18.00 Transport to Hotel Conference Centre De Baak Seaside by bus
19.30 Aperitifs and informal get together
20.00 DINNER

Friday, 16th April 2010

08:00 Breakfast
09.00 Break up in Groups to discuss country cases as presented on previous day
11.00 Plenary session: Groups reporting highlights from discussions
12.30 HR Innovation: 15 minute presentations from three Northern European countries
13.30 Wrap up of the NEEM 2010
13.45 Lunch and farewell

Please take a look to the attached program!

For further information please contact:
Piret Puss, piret@pare.ee
Steven Aarts, aarts@nvp-plaza.nl

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