Conference 2018

The 26th PARE Annual Conference of Human Resources Management

April 12-13 2018
Swissôtel Tallinn (Tornimäe 3, Tallinn)

The 26th PARE annual conference focuses on new trends in people management that affect us more and more, such as technology, neuroscience and agility.
How to cope in this turmoil of constant change and which direction to choose in the development of the organization?
There are no right and wrong answers – a holistic view of the organization’s future can only be born through different angles and points of view. 

Organizations are dividing into two: those that can keep up and those that stay behind. The increasing digital gap threatens both the employees and the employers. In order to adjust and survive, we must be prepared for still more quick changes, be more agile.

The one-sided point of view in people management will not take us any further. Willingness to acquire new skills from other fields, such as agile software development, neuroscience, design thinking, etc. becomes more and more important. Technology-based and related approaches to work and organizations are vigorously entering our lives and are here to stay – including in HR.

There will be a record high number of international speakers at this year’s conference: Pia-Maria Thorén (Sweden), expert of agile people management; Friederike Fabritius (Germany), neuroscientist; Oliver Graves (UK), Director at Deloitte’s Organisation Transformation and Talent practice in UK; Laurence Bret-Stern (UK) CMO at Pipedrive; Teemu Arina (Findland), biohacker; and others. The international view will be complemented by our own Estonian top professionals Robert Kitt, Marju Lauristin, Alar Kolk, Arti Ots, Klen Jäärats and Valdur Mikita.

Each participant can put together a program that suits him/her the best, choosing from different workshops, case studies, etc. The workshops will be led by agility coach and Scrum trainer Aleksey Krivitsky, new ways of working and digitalization expert Katrin Neuendorf. Best practices from both here and abroad will be shared by Daiga Ergle (4 Finance Group), Johanna Tingvall (Spotify), Triin Teesaar, Terje Kuusik and Katre Liiberg (Telia).

NB! There is a simultanious translation EST-ENG-EST

Take part, be present and change your point of view!

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Day 1: April 12th 2018

09:00-10:00       Gathering

10:00-12:00       Part 1

Robert Kitt (Swedbank) talks about Estonia’s recipe for success, how we should proceed in order to maintain the sustainable economic growth of Estonia.
Professor Marju Lauristin talks about what is going on around us, how social and demographic changes affect work and working.
Alar Kolk (European Academy of Innovation) talks about the trends in technology, how dealing with innovation pays off.

12:00-13:00       Lunch

13:00-15:00       Part 2

Pia-Maria Thorén (GreenBullet) talks about what HR and managers need to be aware of when making it possible for teams to self organize in an agile reality, unleashing human potential and optimizing for performance in the new world of work.
Neuroscientist Friederike Fabritius talks about how the greater understanding of how the brain works help to build dream teams and cultivate a culture of high performance throughout your organization.
Arti Ots (Kcell) talks about what has changed in management and why, how management culture affects the performance of the organization, what to do, how to ensure the success of the organization in the long run.

15:00-15:30       Break

15:30-17:30       Part 3

Oliver Graves (Deloitte UK) talks about the latest Global Human Capital Trends and how to build a culture of continuous learning, adaptability, growth, and personal development.
Laurence Bret-Stern (Pipedrive) talks about what is important to the employee, how to create meaning for work and how to communicate that knowledge to each employee.
Klen Jäärats (Government Office) talks about "the project of the century" – the Estonian Presidency of the EU.

17:30-20:30       Networking


Day 2: April 13th 2018

08:30-09:00       Gathering

09:00-12:45       PARALLEL SESSIONS: Make up a program that is suitable for you!

Hall “P”

Workshop (09:00-10:45)
P1 “Scrum for business teams. What we can learn from the Agile revolution in the IT“
Agility and Scrum are new words in the business language that affect the functioning of the organization. Agile coach, Scrum trainer Aleksey Krivitsky talks what stands behind this new paradigm of management, whose sole goal is to help us create more dynamic, better functioning at all levels and ever-learning organizations that make people happier.

Working language: English, without simultaneous translation

Workshop (11:00-13:00)
P2 “Leadership in a changing world“
Digitalization and globalization create new opportunities, requirements and challenges. Katrin Neuendorf (New Work & Digitalisation) will explore how leaders’ competencies need to change to become prepared for a future of agility and virtual collaboration, how the work environment is changing, how leaders of the future can encourage better collaboration in virtual teams, how HR can become a great support and role-model in virtual collaboration.
Working language: English, without simultaneous translation

Hall “A”

Best Practice (09:00-09:45)
A2 “PerformanceGrowth“
Johanna Tingvall (Spotify) talks about the Performance Development approach at Spotify, what is the Growth Mindset philosophy and motivation, why the Growth Mindset is essential for learning faster.
Working language: English, simultaneous translation into Estonian

Best Practice (10:00-10:45)
A1 “Workplace or Playground?“
Daiga Ergle 
(4 Finance Group) talks about the role of gamification in boosting employee engagement, what HR processes are the most responsive in terms of engagement effect (where to invest limited resources), bringing examples of gamified communication, recruitment, and feedback management processes and experience based learnings for successful introduction of gamification at work.
Working language: English, simultaneous translation into Estonian

Best Practice (11:00-11:45)
A3 “The effect of ROWE on management and working environment“
ROWE (Results-Only Work Environment), the method of goal-oriented working environment, enables to increase the productivity of a company by up to 30%, boost people’s motivation and creativity, decrease employee turnover. Jan Haines (HR Factory) shares the experience of HR Factory in changing after implementing ROWE, what is important to consider, why communication is crucial and what is the time factor in changing habits.
Working language: English, simultaneous translation into Estonian

Personal experience (12:00-12:45)
A4Digital solutions in managing people and creating culture“
More and more communication and work is done with digital devices. The advantages of this include speed, flexibility and the multitude of possibilities. Triin Teesaar, Terje Kuusik and Katre Liiberg (Telia Estonia) talk about the modern digital solutions that do not require a specific time and place and share the experience of Telia Estonia in implementing these for giving meaning to work and creating culture.
Working language: Estonian, simultaneous translation into English

12:45-13:45       Lunch

13:45-15:45       Part 4

Rewarding the Best HR Project and the Best Potential in HR Management

Biohacker Teemu Arina talks about how to become the best version of yourself from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep, how to optimize performance, health and wellbeing with technology.

Writer and thinker Valdur Mikita discusses new perspectives in the relationship of Man and Nature in the 21st century.

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(includes conference materials, lunches, coffee breaks, get-together in the evening)

  • EAPM members (incl HENRY, LPVA, PVPA, Sveriges HR Förening, etc members) 546 euros
  • Non-members 714 euros

NB! If there are 4 and more participants from your organization, ask for a special offer!