Conference 2016

XXIV PARE Annual Conference of Human Resource Management

„The Egg Teaches the Hen“

April, 14-15 2016
Park Inn by Radisson Meriton Conference & Spa Hotel

The number of workers is decreasing, but the workers become increasingly more diverse. The labor market sees generations with very different needs and goals standing side by side: the seniors keep on working for longer than ever before, Generation Y are reaching their prime working age, generation Z are slowly rising their head. Young adults do not intend to work like their parents did, instead of career opportunities and the corner office they are motivated by freedom and variety; senior workers cannot continue working like they have become used to for decades. The work itself and working is irreversibly changing.

Only these organizations will be successful that adjust itself to people, not people to themselves. This means learning. Especially on the part of the new generation of workers whose potential’s full exploitation is the matter of survival on the battleground of the talent war. It also means engaging the seniors whose experiences’ effective implementation for the benefit of the goals of the organization in inevitable in the demographic crisis. The innovation of the organization and its management is inevitable.

Most organizations of today have been created in conditions that no longer exist or are losing its relevance. The new reality has reached us in thoughts and words, but has not rooted in management principles nor organizational design. It’s time to learn from the egg, making use of the hen’s life experience!

We ask at the conference which principles are still valid and which alternatives would be more suitable for the situation on the labor market today and tomorrow. 

The conference seeks answers to the following questions:

  • What changes will take place in work and work relationships in the coming decades?
  • How to align the competence and needs of different generations in the organization?
  • How to unfold to the fullest the potential hidden in each employee?
  • What is the essence of innovating the organization and management?




Day 1 - April, 14 2016

09:30-10:00 Registration, coffee
10:00-10:15 Opening of the conference. Introduction of Day 1
10:00-12:30 Part I „Life is what you make it“ (Estonian saying)

  • Bob Morton (CIPD, EAPM) talks about the challenges of HRM in the context of changing nature of work, the workforce, and the workplace Presentation
  • Peeter Koppel (SEB Pank) talks about the current status and future trends of the Estonian and the world economy Presentation was in Estonian
  • Mari-Liis Rüütsalu (Ekspress Meedia) talks about the challenges that organizations face today and in the future Presentation was in Estonian

12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-14:30 Workshop: YouthSpeak Insights: Engaging Millennials in the Workplace (in English)

Speakers: Fion Tsang (AIESEC in Estonia) and Viktorija Vysockaja (AIESEC in Estonia) 
Summary: Wondering how to become engage and retain millennials in your company? In this workshop we will share with you the characteristics and voices of Millennials through the insights from AIESEC Global YouthSpeak survey, and our experience as a youth organization directly work with, and run by Millennials. You will also find good case practices from companies which win the hearts of GenY employees and make them happen in your workplace!

14:30-15:00 Break
15:00-17:30 Part II „A step ahead rather than behind“ ​(Estonian saying)

  • Bjarte Bogsnes (Statoil, Beyond Budgeting Roundtable) talks about the problems with traditional management and the Statoil's Beyond Budgeting principles implementation journey Presentation
  • Karoli Hindriks (Jobbatical) talks about the Generation Y expectations to work as an adventure Presentation was in Estonian
  • Sten Tamkivi (Teleport) talks about making work independent of location Presentation was in Estonian

18:00-22:00 Get-together for participants with the NETWORK package

Day 2 - April, 15 2016

09:00-11:15 Part III „The old will not be young again, but the young will be old“ ​(Estonian saying)

  • Tamara Erickson (London Business School, Tammy Erickson Associates) talks about the fundamental changes in work and workplace and gives suggestions how to build a future-proofed organisation Presentation
  • Barbara Wright-Avlitis (The WrightWorkPlace) talks about the cultivating resilience and building a high-performance organisation by creating the 'right' corporate environment Presentation

11:15-11:45 Break
11:45-12:45 Workshop: Creating a Working Atmosphere that Drives Performance and Builds Employee Resilience (in English)

Speaker: Barbara Wright-Avlitis (The WrightWorkPlace)
Summary: In today’s business world turbulence is the new normal. With an ever-changing corporate landscape, it is even more important to have your finger on the pulse of your organization, because certain factors might be putting your business at risk. In this cutting edge workshop, creating a Pro-Resilient Workplace, you will learn how to create a positive & productive environment in your workplace, creating employee engagement and providing a healthy atmosphere. Barbara will also introduce The HC Risk Monitor©, a proprietary tool that enables you to identify main areas of human capital risk in order to better understand and mitigate them.

12:45-13:45   Lunch
13:45-14:10   Awarding of the best in The Best Potential and The Best HR Project competitions
14:10-15:30   Part IV „All is well that ends well“ ​(Estonian saying)

  • Jaan Aru (Tartu University) talks about the mysterious world of the conscious mind and if and how the changes around us affect the brain function Presentation was in Estonian
  • Raul Rebane (Estonian journalist and communication expert) talks about how to re-think pattern of thinking and leadership Presentation was in Estonian

15:30-15:45   Final words


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