Conference 2015

We are happy to invite you to the 23nd Human Resources Management Conference!

Since 1992 PARE organizes HR Management Annual Conference every spring. It has become the meeting point for HR and management professionals for more than 20 years.
The aim of the conference is to inspire participants through sharing the best practices from Estonia and abroad.

There are three types of employees in every organization:
engines that lead, coaches that roll along, and brakes that slow down the speed. This approach is best expressed in the whirlwind of constant change. There is a specific role and place for each type in the organization in order to form an integrated whole – the train. Yet according to needs, each employee may turn from an engine into a brake, from a brake into a coach, from a coach into an engine, etc. How to ensure that the train would successfully reach its desired destination?

XXIII Annual Conference of Human Resource Management

How to successfully implement change in an organization

April 16-17 2015
Pärnu, Strand SPA & Conference Hotel.

The conference seeks answers to the following questions:

  • How do events taking place in economy and security makes us change?
  • How to implement changes in organizations?
  • How to maintain employees’ engagement in the whirlwind of constant change?
  • How to use technology to achieve organizational goals and to create employee commitment?
  • How to change as a manager/human resources manager?


First day, April 16 2015

10:30-10:45        Opening. Introduction of the first day of the conference

10:45-12:30        PART I: How do events taking place in economy and security make us change?

The situation of the world economy is uncertain and the security environment around us has changed significantly. As the sanctions between the European Union and Russia grow deeper, the Baltic States become the most vulnerable. Changes in the security environment have put Estonia face to face with new challenges and the impact of the Russian-Ukraine crisis is already severely felt in Estonian economy. The insecure situation in economy and security inhibits companies’ investments that are needed to increase productivity in the face of labour scarcity and higher labour costs. How to move on?

  • Mārtiņš Kazāks, Swedbank (Latvia)
  • Mikk Marran, Estonian Ministry of Defence
  • Hanno Tomberg, Enterprise Estonia

12:30-13:30        Lunch

13:30-15:15        PART II: How to implement changes in organizations?

Constant change is a norm in today’s world. In the current insecure situation of economy and security we all feel that we cannot continue the old way, but we do not know the new way. We need to change in order to overcome the difficult situation. How to effectively implement changes in an organization? How to reach out to each individual in the organization? How to manage the process of change in order to reach the desired goal?

  • Mark DeVolder, Change expert (Canada)
  • Jaanus Lillenberg, Estonian National Broadcasting
  • Aivo Adamson, Estonian Road Administration

15:15-15:45        Break

15:45-17:45        PART III: How to maintain employees’ engagement in the whirlwind of constant change?

Traditional methods of creating and maintaining employee engagement are no longer working. Corporate events and the annual evaluation interview are not enough to make employees say good things about their employer, to want to commit to the organization for longer and to make an effort in order to achieve better results. People are increasingly searching for a meaning in their work. In addition to career opportunities, self-development, recognition, etc. the work must also provide an experience. How to engage employees both emotionally and intellectually?

  • Arnold Bakker, Erasmus University Rotterdam & School of Business and Economics of Maastricht University (the Netherlands)
  • Toomas Tamsar, Estonian Employers Confederation
  • Discussion: What do young people expect from their employer? Erki Lipre, Kadri Peeters, Laura Viilep

In the evening there will be a get-together for participants with the NETWORK packet together with the Pärnu Financial Conference

Second day, April 17 2015

09:00-09:30        Introduction of the second day of the conference

09:30-10:00        PART IV: How to use technology to achieve organizational goals and to create employees’ engagement?

The constantly evolving technology changes the world, being itself the agent of great changes in the organizations. In the whirlwind of change, the key is employee commitment. In the recent years new and interesting methods and technologies have been introduced in the business world and these have changed our everyday life, learning and the way we divide our attention. How to use technology to achieve goals and to create and maintain employees’ engagement?

  • Ivo Suursoo, CEO of Columbus Estonia and Baltic States

10:00-10:15        Dividing for workshops

10:15-11:15        Parallel session: WORKSHOPS vol 1

  • Workshop on employer branding. Led by Anu-Mall Naarits
  • Workshop on changing the organizational culture by the example of Posti Group. Led by Tuuli Niininen (Finland) in English
  • Workshop on changes in the mindset of employees. Led by Mari Kooskora
  • Workshop on launching a project organization and staff planning by the example of Estonian presidency of the European Council. Led by Piret Lilleväli and Kristi Täht

11:15-11:45        Break

11:45-13:00        PART V: How to change as a manager/human resource manager?

The constant pressure to change makes us review our management principles and change as a manager/human resource manager. The proactivity and vitality of employees that help to cope with change better is increasingly important in the changing environment. The pattern of thought „squeeze the most out of employees“ is not working. We must find new solutions to release the maximum potential of the employees. What challenges does this present for management? And what are the expectations for human resource managers?

  • Beatrice van der Heijden, Radboud Nijmegen University (the Netherlands)
  • Piret Mürk-Dubout, Estonian Telecom

13:00-14:00        Lunch

14:00-15:00        Parallel session: WORKSHOPS vol 2

  • Workshop on links between HR and mathematics. Led by Maria Kütt
  • Workshop on flow. Led by Klaas-Jan Reincke and Andero Uusberg
  • Workshop on employees’ engagement and employability. Led by Beatrice van der Heijden and Arnold Bakker (the Netherlands) in English

15:00-15:15        Gathering into the main auditorium

15:15-16:15        Summary of the conference

Everything changes are probably the only thing that never changes. For Estonians, the tradition of song festivals compares to that. Raul Talmar talks about how the song festival changes over time and how to touch the heart of every Estonian.


A. Conference packet DEVELOPMENT 

(includes conference materials, lunches, coffee breaks)

  • PARE member 395 euros + VAT 20%
  • Non-member 525 euros + VAT 20%

B. Conference packet NETWORK 
(includes conference packet DEVELOPMENT + get-together in the evening)

  • PARE member 435 euros + VAT 20%
  • Non-member 565 euros + VAT 20%

NB! If there are 4 and more participants from your organization, ask for a special offer

LANGUAGE: estonian and english (simultaneous translation)

PAYMENT: by invoice

CANCELLATION: by prior notice in writing. In case of cancellation 80% of the participation fee is refunded. Participation fee is not refunded if the notice of cancellation is sent after April 1 2015.

CONTACT for additional information and registration: 
Mariliis aigro, e-mail:, telephone +372 611 6411


See you at 16-17.04.2015 in Pärnu!