Conference 2014

Human Resources Management Conference 2014


10 & 11 April 2014
Dorpat Conference Centre, Tartu


Dear HR management professional,

Cost-cutting, improving the efficiency of processes, performance and more are important in overcoming a recession, but what is the role of employees in all this? There is a role and a place in every organisation for younger, older, part-time, project-based and special-needs employees. Our conference, which will be held for the 22nd time, will focus on the people who help organisations achieve their results.

Ardo Hansson will speak about topical economic issues on the opening day of the conference. Alf Rehn, a very charismatic speaker and an esteemed management professor with a Thinkers50 ranking who also spoke at last year’s Nordic Business Forum, will discuss the benefits of diversity in an organisation. How can gender, age and ethnic and other diversity influence a company’s performance?

Internationally renowned inclusion, management and communications expert Stephen Frost will speak about his experience, which has taught him that diversity is reality and that the inclusion of different people cannot be avoided. Organisational culture and management research expert Egbert Schram will discuss the optimal time for the diversification of an organisation and how to measure an organisation’s readiness to deal with diversification.

Well-known Estonians taking to the stage will include Tiina Lokk-Tramberg, who will share her valuable experience in managing creativity – the team behind the Black Nights Film Festival; Aavo Kokk, who will draw the audience’s attention to possible threats in people management; and Mart Noorma, initiator of the student satellite programme, who will be encouraging everyone to dream big.

In the now traditional workshops, we will share practical experience about training systems, internal communication, remuneration, etc. Meanwhile, in the manager’s panel discussion we will be looking at different ways of valuing employees.

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Invite your manager and let's meet in Tartu!

Karin Kivari
On behalf of the Human Resources Management Conference expert group
Member of the board of the Estonian Human Resources Association, PARE