Conference 2012

Estonian Human Resources Management Conference

"Smart Organisation"

April 12-13, 2012

Dorpat Convention Centre, Tartu, Estonia

No matter how good or bad the times are, whether the economical crisis is the shape of a v or a w, successful are the ones who have enough wit to recognise the trends of organisations and their surrounding environments and enough talent to grow and operate smart.

But what are the topics that organisations should focus on today? Should they be careful and participate a little bit in each field? Or concentrate strongly on a couple of activities or processes? How to find activities that would create most additional value for an organisation?

We are delighted to invite you to the 20th Estonian Human Resources Management Conference called „Smart organisation" that will take place April 12th-13th, 2012.

At this anniversary conference, top experts and practitioners from Estonia and abroad will help us to create a clearer picture of the diverse and indefinable world that we live in. We will look more closely into trends and opportunities of people management, economy, technology and demography and also explore how smart organisations operate in this context.

The main speaker of the conference is as outstanding as the anniversary - a real guru of people management, Dave Ulrich from USA. Mr. Ulrich has been chosen as the most important thinker in HR for five times already. And with help from Manpower, Dave Ulrich will publicly perform in Estonia for the first time.

Other performers include Milvi Tepp, professor of the Chair of Organisation and Management at Tallinn University of Technology and the Chairman of the Board of PARE; Michele Owens, Head of HR and Organisation Effectiveness at The Olympic Delivery Authority; and Karsten Staehr, the professor of the Chair of Finance and Banking at the Tallinn University of Technology. Eve Limbach-Pirn, Head of Top Civil Service Excellence Centre in the Government Office and Ester Mägi, the Internal Communications Manager of Estonian Public Broadcasting will attend workshops.

The two industrious but exciting days will be joined together by an elegant, slightly nostalgic night at the Athena centre.
The programme of the conference will be published in January. Please register for participation HERE.

Please find here more detailed information about registration and conference fee.

For participation please contact Katrina Laurson  

On behalf of Conference management team,

Maria Veltmann
Estonian Association for Personnel Development PARE

Urmas Kõiv
Summit OÜ