Conference 2011

Estonian Human Resources Management Conference

"Productive Organisation"

April 7-8, 2011

Dorpat Convention Centre, Tartu, Estonia

Dear Human Resources professionals,

Facing the beginning of a new rise, it is time to look forward and think what kind of modern solutions would ensure growth in our organisations. The Estonians are described as hard-working and dedicated people who do not rest much. Despite of that productivity of the Estonian labour forms only 64,5% of that of the EU. Why is it so? Do we work slower or are we lacking skills? Could the division of work be the reason? What can we do on the organisational level to be more productive, create more value and ensure balanced economic growth?

Estonian Human Resources Management Conference 2011 „Productive Organisation" will find and give answer to these questions. Conference takes place on 7th and 8th of April in Tartu in Dorpat Convention Centre.

At the conference we will discuss why Estonian productivity of labour is lower than the EU average and we will introduce tools for HR managers for supporting organisation productivity growth. We will talk about strategic HR management and leadership development. In addition we will show practical examples that have approved to increase organisations' outcomes and performance.

Conference program will be published in January on PARE homepage.

Please find here more detailed information about registration and conference fee.

For participation please contact Tanel Triisa:  

On behalf of Conference management team,
Maria Veltmann
Estonian Association for Personnel Development PARE

Urmas Kõiv
Summit OÜ