Conference 2009

Human Resources Management Conference 2009

"Vital Organisation"

April 23-24, 2009

Song Festival Grounds, Tallinn, Estonia


What is your organisation like? Has it endured crisis well or are you making hard decisions for going to the right direction? Or have you been one of those lucky ones that have not been affected by economic difficulties? We think you agree with us that vitality of organisation and people is now more important than ever.

Estonian Annual Human Resources Conference takes place in April 23-24 and it is entitled „Vital organisation". Two days full of ideas, inspiration and information of how to make your organisation more durable, powerful and adaptable. Not only organisation but people and yourself as well.

We have tried to give the event fresh and inspiring format and arranged presentations so that there will be no boring speaker on stage. Conference opening keynote speaker is youthful Max McKeown who is talking about innovation in HR and in general.

Conference closing key speaker is Geoff Burch who has been said to be the most original business guru in Europe. Geoff is well known by his humorous yet powerful business messages. Both foreign speakers talk about vital organisation but from different angles: Max Mckeown talks about innovation and Geoff Burch about common sense.

There are a lot of top executives and HR practitioners from successful Estonian companies as well and they speak about overcoming difficult times. Jan Andresoo from Swedbank talks about implementing change, Riina Einberg from Ambient Sound Investment introduces her HR experience in knowledge-based start-up companies, Kristjan Lepik from (smart investor) explains what is happening in global economy and how it influences Estonian organisations and Tauri Tallermaa, memory trainer, teaches participants to raise your power of life by thinking right.
A brand new part of our conference is a panel discussion of top executives. We try to find out their expectations for HR management and HR managers.

You are the most welcome to the 17th Estonian Human Resources Conference „Vital Organisation"!

Riina Varts
Estonian Association for Personnel Development

Endrik Randoja